Azerbaijan Victory Day – November 8

Celebrating Victory Day, November 7, 2022, at the offices of Azerbaijan Consulate General, Los Angeles, California, USA

It is the 3rd year that Azerbaijan is commemorating its victory over Armenia that occupied some 20% of its land and the liberation of this very land from the illegally occupier Armenia.

Victory Day is not only a celebration of being victorious; it is also celebrating liberty. Azerbaijan achieved this liberty by winning the war and liberating its sovereign territory that was illegally occupied for 30 years by Armenia.

Celebrating Victory Day with Azerbaijan is an honor for one and only reason: it is more than fair to say that Azerbaijan’s, a friend of the West, victory celebration is also OUR celebration.

’Media Team Orbit’, part of the ‘US-AZ Cultural Foundation’, attended the Victory Day celebration at the offices of the Azerbaijan Consulate General in Los Angeles, California, USA.


November 7, 2022-Victory Day – ‘Media Team Orbit’ of ‘US-AZ Cultural Foundation’ left photo, from left to right: Karen Cohen, Eti ElKiss, Nurit Greenger; right photo with Azerbaijan Consul General to Los Angeles, Mr. Ramiz Dashdamirov.


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